Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh, yeah . . . the Poll

The poll results came in overwhelmingly for Michele to tell me what to do. Other votes were for keeping the beard for various reasons. Others have commented since the poll closed that I should keep it. One woman at OCCC said, "You should never be without a beard. Very handsome." I'm guessing "handsome" is a Romanian word for "it hides that face of yours."

Michele told me to do what I want with it.

So the thing is, I still haven't decided what to do. I don't have to shave, which is nice, but I'm more conscious now of how it looks. You know how when you have really short hair you don't have to do anything with it? And how when you have really long hair all you can do is gather it up? But when it's in between you have to decide what to do with it, when to cut it, how to style it, and such? That's a beard, unless you're a frigging mountain man, and I'm not that--yet. So I have to keep it trimmed and unscraggly and out of my mouth. But since I'm so undecisive by nature I may always have a beard just by virtue of putting off the decision.

Oh, well.


Nik said...

You know, I voted that Michelle should decide... but now I'm in the "keep it- it rocks" camp. :) Especially viewing the "taunt" picture of your previous post. You seem very "philosophical" in that photo - as if, holding your beer & basking in the glow of the warm OK sun, you are about to solve the world's ills.

Or maybe you just look like one of the Guinness guys... either works.


Jason said...

Wait a minute . . . I thought basking in the sun with a beer was the solution to the world's ills.

I guess I better read up on this.