Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where the White Women At?

I was reading about new poll results at the Washington Post this morning when I came across this paragraph:

Two weeks ago, McCain held a substantial advantage among white voters, including newfound strength with white women. In the face of bad economic news, the two candidates now run about evenly among white women, and Obama has narrowed the overall gap among white voters to five percentage points.

Which, of course, made me think of this scene from Blazing Saddles. And I saw that it was good.

More importantly, it made me cast Blazing Saddles with the candidates of this election. America is Rock Ridge, Obama is Sheriff Bart, Joe Biden is Jim (The Waco Kid), John McCain is Hedley Lamar, and Sarah Palin is Lily Von Schtupp. The Republican Party is Taggart and his gang (especially during the campfire scene), and the Democratic Party is the . . . well, okay, so this doesn't fit perfectly. But it amuses me, and that's all I was after.

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Nik said...

Jason, again... you are my hero.

Even if you're a cracker-croaker.