Saturday, August 1, 2009

Climate Change Deniers: Still Deluded

It doesn't take much for a belief to spread--all it requires is that someone convincing present it and someone willing to accept it be exposed to it. When these two things meet in a situation where the stakes are high, even profitable, it can be difficult to fight against misinformation.

Regardless of the evidence presented, the "birthers" still insist Barack Obama was born outside of the United States, and is ineligible to serve as president. Likewise, regardless of the fact that there is no serious scientific debate about global climate change and humankind's contributions to it, the denialists continue to gain support through their mass media megaphones.

Anthony Watts is a California radio meteorologist whose appearances on Glenn Beck's show have bolstered the climate change deniers, but here's a video that does a good job of neutralizing Watts's claims:

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