Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Jungle Monkeys Act Stupidly

Have you heard the latest in the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Idiots vs. Dark-Skinned People conflagration? Apparently Boston Police Officer Justin Barrett, a 36-year-old infant, was so offended by the actions of Henry Louis Gates, jr. and an article in support of Gates written by Boston Globe writer Yvonne Abraham, that he had to send an email to the Globe and some of his buddies in the National Guard (way to soil the soldiers with this garbage, Barrett) in which he said the following:
[I]f I was the officer [Gates] assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC deserving of his belligerent non-compliance.
Yes, he wrote that. He actually thought that was a coherent sentence.He also wrote:
That paragraph was as pathetic as jungle monkey gibberish - I might as well ax you the question, "Is this your first test at reporting?"
Get it? All black people--every one of them--pronounce "ask" as "ax," and even though Abraham is white, Barrett is still talking about Gates, who is black. Ha ha ha. Here's some more:
[Gates] has indeed transcended back to a bumbling jungle monkey, thus he forever tremains [sic] amid this nation's great social/racial divide that makes it a free and great nation mixed with crazy and awkward differences.
Okay, other than Barrett's love of calling Gates a "jungle monkey," I don't know what's going on in that "sentence." And here's his parting shot:
Freedom of speech is a great thing. If it weren't for freedom of speech, Mr. Barrett may have gone through life without ever feeling free enough to say these things, and we'd never know what a fly-speck of a human being he is. Among the more offensive things he said was that he's a former English teacher. On what planet do they teach English as a Broken Language?

But everything's okay now, I guess. Barrett has apologized. And he assures us that he's not a racist. Whew.

More seriously, both the BPD and the National Guard have suspended this sack of shit. His employers are holding him accountable for what he did, thus satsifying the Jay Smooth Priority and leaving the rest of us free to address the rest:

Yes, Justin Barrett, you are a racist. People who are not racists don't go out of their way to send correspondence that repeatedly denigrates another person using well-worn racist references. People who are not racist think of relevant attributes of those who have triggered their anger, rather than the individual's ethnicity. Yes, Justin Barrett, you are a racist. And an unskilled racist at that. "Jungle monkey?" Are you kidding me?

Oh, and you're a misogynist, too. Die in a fire.

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