Sunday, July 12, 2009

Multiculture Saturday

Yesterday was a pretty good day. It didn't start well, though, as we had to take two of the cats to the vet for shots. Boo. Then we came home and I graded a few essays. So far the day wasn't much to like.

Then we hopped in the car with a couple of Michele's colleagues and drove to downtown Oklahoma City. We ate at a really great Mediterranean cafe called The Olive Branch, where I had a veggie pita (incredible) and some of the best hummus and babaganouj that I've ever had. They also had something called "Jerusalem salad" that they claim as their own invention that was really good. Reports of other great food included the falafel and the kufta sandwiches. Everyone but me loved the grape leaves stuffed with rice. I didn't dislike them, but they're not really my thing. The baklava was amazing.

Then we went to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art presentation of "Turner to Cézanne," which had some great Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings. I think my favorite painting was Anton Mauve's "The Shepherdess." (For whatever reason that link shows an image of the painting that's backward--but I can't find a better link).

Later we went to Bobby and Allison's place and ate burritos. By the end of the night I was suffering from sensory overload and slept like the dead.

Today I'm grading again.

I'll post better soon.

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