Thursday, June 11, 2009


We've all been reading stories lately about right-wing knuckleheads breaking out their (rightfully-held but woefully-employed) firearms and killing them some freaking lefties. First there was the George Tiller murder. Then there's the cop-killer Richard "Pop" Poplawski. And now there's James W. von Brunn. I thought that Michael Gerson would have something interesting to say about this, since he's a Reich-winger and I figured this would challenge his worldview. I was wrong.

In the course of his screetardation, here's a puzzling bit:
The anti-Semitic community is varied in background and ideology. It includes both Internet Nazis and campus leftists carrying signs that read, "Jews = Nazis."
Really? Who are these "leftists"? Are they represented by Jeremiah Wright, who Gerson mentions in his next sentence? Here's Gerson's Wright quote:

Oh, wait. He doesn't have a quote. But he will put a couple of words in quotation marks. Here's what Gerson has to say:
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright recently blamed "them Jews" for blocking his access to President Obama.
Really? That's what Gerson has for "leftist" antagonism for the Jews? Does Gerson think that more than a hundred people in America take Jeremiah Wright seriously? But that is it. Then Gerson goes on to document other instances of anti-Semitism. Leftist? No. But that's the last brush he used, so the next painting must have been done with the same implement, right?

Er, no.

This article is just another example of Michael Gerson's incompetence. But given that he got started as Dubya's speech-writer, we shouldn't expect much. Oy.

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