Thursday, December 11, 2008

Please Excuse the Temporary Superficiality

So the weekend we moved I didn't take the time to shave. Seemed pointless. Didn't do it. Then, on a whim that Sunday I announced to Michele that I wasn't going to shave until the end of the semester. She didn't really react, but she has expressed her preference through the years that I go beardless so as to not lacerate her face. She has delicate skin. I have a harsh batch of facial hair that tends to stick straight out long after gravity should have gotten hold of it. All these years I've kept myself clean-shaven when we were together (when she was away, or while I lived in Mankato, that was another story entirely).

It wasn't always this way. When Michele met me I had a beard more often than not. Mostly it was because shaving seems pointless to me. I just don't care enough. That kind of mindset took hold of me in that moment when I made my announcement, and it's kept me hirsute for the last (almost) three weeks.

But now the semester is ending--tomorrow. The question becomes "Do I shave, trim, or leave it as is?" So I'm posting a poll, and you, my numerous readers (well, at least you outnumber my multiple personalities) are invited to take part. To aid your input, I offer pictures:

I was hoping for a nuanced poll, but I don't think Blogger will allow me one. So while the choices in the poll will be limited, I hope you will augment your input with comments in the . . . er, comments section of this post. Also, please ignore how dopey I look in these pictures. I have an excuse--I was conscious when Michele took them.

Here are some answers I've already heard:
  • Cut that shit off. It makes you look old.
  • Cut that shit off. It makes you look homeless.
  • Leave it. It looks awesome.
  • Trim that stuff. It makes you look old and homeless.
  • Cut that off. It looks like crop failure.
  • Do whatever Michele wants.
Okay, so I made most of that up. But the poll is forthcoming.


K said...

I'm telling ya it's HOT!

M.Filly said...

I think that if you trim it properly, perhaps get some ornate landscaping in there, it might be pretty cool... just make sure that the gray makes you look distinguished rather than disenfranchised.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide. It's too close to tell---I MEAN it's too CLOSE to tell!!! Aw, maybe shave it off and try again later.

Love ya'

Nik said...

Now, my first reaction was "Wow, kinda 'Nutty Professor' going on there", but then I wasn't so sure. So I stuck with my estrogen poisoning & voted to "Do whatever Michele says".


Anonymous said...

Leave it. It makes you look old and homeless

Stef said...

With that bear of yours, you remind me of Col. Meybourne in Stargate SG-1 after he resigned from NIT (NIT, not MIT, note the difference)

Myabe you should keep that in mind for a Halloween costume.

Jason said...

Leave it. It makes you look old and homeless

Now that's abuse I can believe in.

With that bear of yours, you remind me of Col. Meybourne in Stargate SG-1 after he resigned from NIT

Are you channelling my wife? Who else makes an SG-1 reference? Maybe Richard Dean Anderson, but that's about it.

Jerry said...

I would vote but chances are Michele would beat me up.

Mike said...

Two points and votes for leaving the old thing alone (I can say that cuz I am freakin older than you are). One...shaving IS pointless. Two...I live 1000 miles away from Michelle and I know I can run faster scared than she can mad. Leave nothing. You'll look more like the Hillbilly's you live amoungst.

Anonymous said...

I love being your role model!! I am glad to see you are trying to emulate me. Learn how to trim it correctly and be Mini Me.

FIL aka Skiffy

dchmielewski said...

Three Words:

Just For Men

Anonymous said...

The gray in your beard kind of pulls the attention away from the gray in your hair. HA HA HA!!!

Seriously, it think it looks good either way. I would be inclined to keep it until AFTER you come back up here for X-mas. You'll be glad to have it!

After you get home, then you can do whatever.