Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Week Itinerary*

Drive drive drive drive drive. Michele, me, five cats, one car, thirteen hours. Wheee.

Hang with the family during the day. That night we're hoping to go someplace in Minneapolis (Kieran's, The Local, or something similar) for social time with friends who are more inclined to that direction.

Family celebration of the giving of thanks. I will eat too much and then be a semicoherent mess for the rest of the day and through the evening.

Michele might do a little shopping on this, the day I refuse to shop. More family time. Maybe more celebrating. Either Friday night or Saturday night we're hoping to do another social night for our south-of-the-river friends. Maybe at the Bone or Granite City or something.

Much like Friday, but with no "Black Friday" shopping.

Drive drive drive drive drive. Michele, most of me, one car, three cats, thirteen hours. Ooof.

*Of course, this is tentative. It might all fall apart, but at this point it feels like it will work.


Mike said...

The Jackson clan is staying in town this year for a change. We're up for Wednesday if it works out.

Jason said...

Hey, that's cool. If you want, we can ride up to the Death Star together and then take the light rail up to MPLS--it's only two blocks or so from the stop to Kieran's.

Michele looked at the menu online and it seems like Kieran's is the place for that evening.