Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Wife Left Me

But she'll be back on Sunday. What? What did I say? Hehe.

Michele flew to Minnesota this morning so she could visit our new niece, Kaylee (shown here with her brother, the Demon Nephew*):So now I have to get to work on a nickname for this little bean. But I'm backlogged, because I still don't have suitable nicknames for those I've called "Skiffy" and "The Big Polack." And I've never bothered trying to figure out nicknames for Michele, my mom, or Michele's sister. And the only name I have for Michele's sister's husband to this point is "Future Brother In Law." Now that he's an actual brother-in-law I need to try harder. Actually, I need to get my ass in gear on this. Anyone have input for me?

*I almost cried when I saw this picture, and Michele actually said what I was thinking: DN looks more like a person now, and not just like a little kid. Sometimes being far away sucks.


Anonymous said...

yes it does Jas


Michelle said...

People should read this.