Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A List of Bullet Points

There's a joke (one of several thousand) about Chuck Norris that goes like this: Chuck Norris is so fast that he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head. I am like this version of Chuck Norris, except that it's not speed we're talking about, but incompetence. As in: Jason is so unable to focus on one task that he can . . . what was I saying?

Anyway, here are some things I thought this week:

  • Happy birthday, Cat Whisperer! I'd put your head on a gorilla, but I decided long ago not to do that to women. Sexist? Yes. Are you grateful? I'm sure. Your birthday present is pretty cool.
  • Speaking of which: Happy zeroth birthday, Kaylee! My new niece (and CW's new granddaughter) was born at 1:48 pm today. She was eight pounds, thirteen ounces, and twenty-one inches long. Now we can tease the Demon Nephew for the rest of his life that, at least on the days on which they were born, his sister was bigger than he was. Not that I'd tease a five-year-old.
  • Speaking of which: Happy fifth birthday, Demon Nephew! I wish we'd been there to celebrate, but at least you're saving us some cupcakes. Right? Right?
  • Here's a link to Michele's post about our houseguest. Remember last time this happened? It's almost two years to the day later. Weird.
  • I got a letter this week that was written in International Phonetic Alphabet, and while I was able to read it--slowly--I haven't been able to compose a response.

And on the political front:

  • Here's a story that explains why Sarah Palin sounds like she's from Minnesota.
  • Here's a story that tries to make sense of Palin's gibberish.
  • Here's a thirteen-minute video describing John McCain's involvement in the Keating Five S&L scandal in the 1980s.

  • And here's a link to the Saturday Night Live spoof of the Vice-Presidential Debate last Thursday. I feel a little dirty linking to SNL--a show that hasn't been significant in about twenty-five years, and hasn't been funny in fifteen.
  • Oh, yeah. And here's where the Palins may not have been paying their taxes. That's unAmerican, don'tcha know.
But beyond that, we're golden. I think. Whose pants are these?


SBVOR said...

ALL of the evidence, from even the MOST “Liberal” of sources, PROVES that this pathetic and unfounded attempt to smear McCain with the crimes of Keating is unmitigated BUNK!

1) Although McCain had dealings with Keating (who was a constituent in McCain’s district), McCain was NOT connected in ANY WAY to the CRIMES committed by Keating.

2) McCain did NOT support, IN ANY WAY, Keating’s request for regulators to ignore his violations. McCain did NOT favor either skirting OR eliminating these regulations. McCain did NOTHING to assist Keating in ANY WAY!

3) In FACT, even the New York Times admits that the Keating scandal ONLY involved Democrats (which is precisely why the Dems were so DESPERATE to lynch the ONLY Republican they could even REMOTELY connect to Keating)!

Quoting the New York Times:

“The special counsel to the Senate Ethics Committee has recommended that the panel clear two of the five Senators under investigation for their links to the savings and loan debacle, Congressional officials said today.

In a confidential report submitted to the committee on Sept. 10, the special counsel, Robert S. Bennett, concluded that there was not adequate evidence to merit a full-scale investigation of John Glenn, an Ohio Democrat, and John McCain, an Arizona Republican, several officials said.”

“If Mr. McCain is dropped from the investigation, the political implications could be significant: He is the only Republican under scrutiny, and Republicans could portray the scandal as a Democratic one.”

4) Quoting the very “Liberal” PBS Online News Hour:

“The Senate Ethics Committee concluded that Glenn and McCain's involvement in the scheme was minimal and dropped the charges against them. In August 1991, the committee ruled that the other three [DEMOCRATIC] senators had acted improperly in interfering with the Federal Home Loan Banking Board's investigation.”

Click here for the UNDENIABLE FACTS on what REALLY caused the current housing mess (AND the Keating related S&L mess).

Click here and learn what Obama does NOT want you to know.

M.Filly said...

(I feel inadequate putting this down as a follow-up to that conservative detritus, but...)

So, yeah. I don't even remember what I put in that letter. I hope you enjoyed it. I was WAY bored when I wrote it.

Jason said...

Good one. You'll try to dismiss McCain's relationship with Keating even though McCain wound up returning $112,000 in gift money to the crook after the investigation, but you're trying to play up Obama's connection to Ayers because they lived in the same neighborhood?

Idiot. And disable your shift key--you haven't learned to use it properly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jason!
I was very happy when my head did not land on a gorilla body! I will admit I was a little nervous that I might find my head on a cat body! So, grateful I am!
My birthday gift WAS the coolest - not many can say they got a granddaughter on their birthday!
The Cat Whisperer

Kristin Dodge said...


That's about all I've got for IPA.