Monday, September 8, 2008


I just found a link to a site I've never heard of that has information about my MFA thesis. All indications I had prior to reading the site led me to believe it's German. And that would be weird.
Other links to me online:

A review I wrote of David Bengston's poetry collection Broken Lines. My review is the last on the page. It's from 2004, and I cringe every time I read that last sentence*.

The Corresponder pdf of my review of Mark Nowak's poetry collection Shut Up Shut Down, from Spring 2005. I'm on page four.

The Corresponder pdf of my review of Jon Hassler's novel The New Woman, from Spring 2006. I'm on page nine. Hassler died in March 2008.

Student feedback from OCCC.

Student feedback from MSU.

For whatever reason, nobody at Rose has posted anything about me.

I read MFilly's post about common-name issues earlier today, so in that spirit here is the link to the profile of the Canadian actor who goes by my name. It's my name because I had it first. And he's been in films with the Olsen twins, so he's the devil.

*That sentence makes it sound like I read that sentence a lot. I don't, but I see it from time to time.


M.Filly said...

It's not a common-name post! It's a website that will stick the name of anybody you want into the video!

Jim said...

Hotness Total: 0

Sorry, buddy.