Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It occurs to me that this is a strange word. I like it a lot, but it's weird.


I think it's funny.

Stop looking at me like that.


Jess said...

Was just admiring the word sock myself. I am writing a story where the woman asks her drunk-on-bourbon-hubby if he wants her to go upstairs and get his some socks.

It's a fine word.

Jason said...

Sometimes I just get something stuck in my head. About twelve years ago I spent a whole day repeating the word "crudite." It demanded that I repeat it, and sometimes out loud.

Because I'm broken.

Nik said...

Know what's better than sock?

SockMONKEY. :)

M.Filly said...

My preferred words are "peuse" and "tintinabulation." My least favorite word to say is "slacks." It feels like moldy velvet on my tongue, triggering my gag reflex.

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

Sock is not a word that comes to mind this morning while I'm listening to a woodpecker chipping away at my house.


Jason said...

Moldy velvet. Now there's an image.

Is that woodpecker attacking the same spot as before? I thought you were rid of those guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Let's peck on the eaves on the north east side of the house. Left side of the deck. Gotta win the lottery!!