Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Morons Are Coming! The Morons Are Coming!

A couple days ago in the Minneapolis Star Tribune some quasi-human pile of snake shit named "Lisa Sisinni" wrote about how, now that Hillary Clinton has been passed over for Vice President, she's going to vote for--get this--John McCain. She even lays out her "reasons" for this fuckwittery thusly:

Now that Obama has captured the Democratic nomination, the choice is clear: John McCain has far more experience and understanding of critical issues -- the war in Iraq, economic prosperity, health-care reform and energy security, to name a few -- than Barack Obama. John McCain has been a member of Congress for 26 years; Obama has yet to finish his first term in the Senate. I may not agree with McCain on every social issue, but he has earned the right to stand where he does after years of making tough decisions as a federal lawmaker.

I know that I can trust McCain, because he was willing to sacrifice his own life in service to his country. That kind of character is hard to find, and that character has guided him throughout his political career. He has held fast to his beliefs even when they made him unpopular and when he faced pressures from his own party. Obama doesn't have a record of character like that; in fact, he doesn't have much of a record at all.

I've written about this kind of idiot previously, and Sisinni's essay on petulant stupidity falls right in line with my earlier post. In short, every criterion she lists as a reason to vote for McCain over Obama also would be a reason to vote for McCain over Clinton.

Can we pass a law or something? Maybe something like, "If someone should demonstrate, in speech or in writing, that he or she is incapable of simple critical thinking, then that person shall be barred from casting a vote in any election." Because really, this is the same kind of stupid shit that put Dubya in the White House and then kept him there.

Dammit, people suck.


Jim said...

I don't understand how people can delude themselves into thinking like this. Are they so lacking critical thinking skills that they can't possibly form a rational opinion?

A friend was telling me that he knew someone that believed dinosaur bones were planted by the democratic party as a conspiracy to defraud Christianity. Things like that make me punchy and stabby.

dchmielewski said...

Well, now Lisa Sisinni has Sarah Palin to vote for in the women's column. Certianly not the experience column, but she is definitely all woman.

Give McCain credit, he certainly knows how to drop a bomb. At least this relieves one of my worries, that McCain would pick Pawlenty, they would actually win and that we would end up with Carol Molnau as governor. I would take "The Governing Body" in a heartbeat over Molnau.

Jason said...

Yeah, I was horrified at the prospect of Pawlenty taking the VP nom and then the dumb-shit SUV driving NIMBYists in Minnesota voting Republican.

I'd have to start telling people I was Iowan or something.