Saturday, August 2, 2008

Damn, People Are Stupid

According to CNN, People magazine has paid $14 million for pictures of Angelina Jolie's spawn.

The sad thing about this arrangement is that it's probably a good investment for People. They know their audience better than I do, and I'm sure they know whether there are enough mouth-breathers out there who would buy their magazine just to gaze on celebrity brats to justify the fourteen-million dollar price tag.

Hopefully the story's correct on this point:
It is the second time People magazine has won the North American rights to the couple's exclusive baby pictures in exchange for a hefty donation to charity.
Maybe some needy people will benefit from this stupidity. Otherwise, People is just producing more noise, distracting the public just a little bit more, eroding whatever sense its readers had left with photos of wealthy, worthless larvae.

But hey--how dumb am I? If this isn't worthy of the attention it gets, why am I writing about it?

Because I'm stupid, too.


Jim said...

I disagree with your statement "I'm stupid, too." You're pointing out the absurdity of it, which is something that shouldn't need to be pointed out if other people weren't stupid.

Celebrities are over paid, whiny little attention whores. They do drugs, drive drunk, behave poorly- and yet they are treated like pampered and valuable contributors to society. There's a lot of energy in Hollywood that's really going towards no kind of betterment of humankind. It's mostly worthless tripe. Think about if that energy was put into something worthwhile... Like solving world hunger. Disarming nuclear weapons. Bringing peace to war torn countries (that we never even hear about in the news)...

Jason said...

I tend not to blame the celebrities themselves for this situation because--let's be honest--most of us would take exactly as much advantage of their situations if we could.

My problem is with the people who find the activities of celebrities even remotely interesting and worth their time and money to follow. It's because of those idiots that we have to wait through news stories on Britney Spears not wearing underwear before we can find out the result of a senate vote on ANWR drilling.

Jim said...

If we ever find out the vote results.

Have you seen CNN lately?

Jason said...

I don't think so. What's happening on CNN?

Jim said...

CNN front pages news stories about celebrities or other inane things, like some 40 pound cat that was lost.

I suppose, though, if we were to get truly unfiltered news from around the world it would be so depressing we'd shut down. The human mind can only take so much suffering.